Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The recession is over.

The European Stock market is on a big climb this week whilst the U.K. unemployment numbers are doing the same.  Repeat after me "unemployment is a lagging indicator".  It is a truism.

In the U.S., Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke has declared that the recession is over. Hat's off everyone -- and do include a gleeful toss into the air.

The Truism.  Some truisms are locktight, such as "All men die".  Others, such as " Seeing is believing", "A little knowledge can go a long way", and "Actions speak louder than words" are more in the realm of cliches.  Is "unemployment is a lagging indicator" a cliche or a truism?  I'd say it is a cliche.  

I obviously have the skeptic hat on this morning.  I shall stop stop stop.  And walk into the sunshine, stretch my arms, and admire the new dawn.  Except that it is too late for that.  I'll have to settle for a toast at sunset.  Missmc from here on in vows to take "the glass half full".

That is a cliche in essence, but, a truism in a most literal sense.  Cheers.

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