Friday, 11 September 2009

A Mannie?

Silence.  Yes, I've been missing.  The certain thing is that I've no shortage of good material at hand.  Alas.  I've promised to keep quiet about a few things, things that would make you laugh.  Pity.  Any story about seven inch gold stilettos does deserve a brief mention.  You'll have to use your imagination.  I'll add that it involves a yacht.

But I was not there.  I've been busy attending other water-themed parties.  I'm afraid to delve into them lest my invites stop coming.  I will say, from my most (un)serious economic eye, things seem to be improving if one can judge by the party variable.  Festive festive festive.  

All these joyous evenings have spurred Missmc into replacing the soon-to-be-departing au pair. I thought I'd found one a few days ago, but, she accepted another triple the pay of our offer.   No wonder.  When describing her to some friends I said "the only drawback to this girl is that she seems far more competent than me with regard to taking care of the children".  My friend's husband, ever a source of wit, retorted "that's not hard".  

So I've been looking looking looking.  I thought I'd found another candidate last night.  A boy nanny, otherwise known as a "Manny".  He was Czech, just fresh out of law school, and, a tennis semi-pro amongst other things.  When I described the mannie I'd found to my husband a slow animation began to take over his face.  The eyes saucered.  The jaw jutted.  The response came two hours later.  "If you want a mannie, I'd be okay with that".  

I hadn't thought the mannie would be for me.  But then, of course, it had crossed his mind and wandered into mine.  I really truly thought the boys might enjoy a boy for a change of pace.  But I had clearly stepped into uncharted territory.  We have had years and years of terribly pretty girls living with us as I thought my young boys would naturally take to someone who was attractive.  I haven't ever been threatened by their presence.  Gosh.  I must be daft.  

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