Monday, 7 September 2009

If everyone were like you, you would not be here...

A good friend is in training at her management consulting firm to specialize in capital markets.  She has sent a few text updates in the past few days outlining her progress.  Day one, text one was a garble of panic over the billion pages of notes she had been given.  Day two was a bit more gleeful, as she had won the mock trading contest handsomely.  I am really looking forward to today's update.

Meanwhile on the BBC, the headline reads "Gender pay gap in city 'shocking'".  It is a bit of a non-article as it is a more complex topic than the length of the article allows for.

I am fully confident my friend will excel in her new field.  One of the primary contributions to her success will be that the issue of motherhood will take a second seat to her drive to the top.  I'm really rather of proud of her for that.  

But I do feel that one should not say such things aloud lest it is misunderstood and she or I are swept off to a thunder-struck island where lightning bolts crackle down every second in punishment.  "If everyone were like you, you would not be here" boomed the voice down from the clouds as a million small horrid creatures ran about shrieking, darting into holes and popping out with a "boo" and slowly slowly torturing us into submission...

No.  Enjoy your course.  That was fiction.

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