Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Slacking off.

My head is in New York and my body is in London. School will commence this week, party invitations that require shopping for dresses litter my desk, and a bit of work beckons. But it is sunny. I'm between states and think perhaps for today, I shall head back into holiday mode.

Amidst the wildfires of L.A., I have a piece in an art exhibition at LaXart opening tomorrow. Here is a live webcam that might be engulfed by flames sometime in the next week.  Looks awfully smoky there...

And the markets.  The markets.  As promised, September looks to be a roller coaster ride.  Hang on.  I'm now headed out in the sunshine for some pure bliss.  The markets are another form of reality, and, I'd rather be elsewhere.

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