Tuesday, 13 January 2009

All the better smells of decay and rot

Missmarketcrash is terribly eager for Wednesday to come as child number 2 is being whisked back into his warm nest of private schooling, where four year olds can do things one would not ever imagine in a fantastically bucolic setting.  The school gates will be a hive of hush and brave faces, mums recently stripped of spending power bumping up against a dwindling number who just glide about untouched by it all.  As it is an old-school-london-school, consumerism of tangibles has always been out, and, thrift, cycling, and recycling were all the vogue before it all happened.  So it shouldn't look much different from the outside.  

But inside - what is wrong - what is wrong what is wrong?  The stiff upper lip of the BBC uttered the phrase "Frightening Decline" on its website this morning.  The FT said "Be Afraid" on its front page.  It is earning week and lo, that is mucking things up in a big way.  There is also something going on with Citigroup again beyond the reported things.

I read a few of Jen Hadfield's poems to escape the gloom and doom this morning.  She just won the T.S. Elliot prize and has transported Missmarketcrash to an isolated Highland island this week with all the better smells of decay and rot.    Missmarketcrash went to live on the Isle of Skye for a bit after experiencing September 11th in New York.  And gosh, this week it does seem time to leave those school gates behind, and, go back.

But that would not change things.

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