Saturday, 10 January 2009

Not just the Things...

Great Expectations...Americans have always had Great Expectations.  And now...whither thou goest is the question.  America is waiting with baited breath for Obama.  

"Well, God has arrived.  I met him on the 5:15 train" said John Maynard Keynes in 1929 as Wittgenstein arrived in Cambridge.  In the years before that, Wittgenstein had been sitting about sulking, feeling misunderstood for the Tractatus, and was immersed in the readings of Rabindranath Tagore.

Who Missmarketcrash had never read.  Until last night, when all of Wittenstein's later thoughts had some interesting influences revealed that were previously unknown to Missmc.  Reading on, much of the world began to look a bit shape-shifty as well.  Mystics can do that, though Missmarketcrash is usually immune to such things.

Here is a gem of an excerpt from "Creative Unity"...

"The name Shudra symbolises a man who has no margin around his bare utility.  The word denotes a classification which includes all naked machines which have lost their completeness of humanity, be their work manual or intellectual.  They are like walking stomachs or brains, and we feel, in pity, urged to call on God and cry, "Cover them up for mercy's sake with some veil of beauty and life!"" perhaps one does not need to call on God or drift that way with the above paragraph though feel free if that is your thing.  I think he was more focused on the idea that the creativity of humankind is a reality shaper, one with a force to make life more.

This more part is what needs mending for Americans.  The American Dream has been demolished as of late, and, there is a spot for something else.  These empty spots can be dangerous if filled incorrectly.

Obama should not be expected to fill the shoes of Philosopher-King.   The task is to mend not just the things, but, more importantly, the relationship between things and how they are perceived.  That is really up to everyone as an individual.  With a little help from the media.

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