Thursday, 15 January 2009

Not Walden Pond...

Yesterday both children were finally back in school after a long holiday and the sounds of silence transported Missmarketcrash back to Walden Pond.  Except it was not silent.  The sounds of widespread panic began to shriek from the computer with all the banks lining up naked to be fed or shot.  And more data on this and that began dripping red down the screen.  

So Missmarketcrash did what she could to ignore making decisions on finances in a panicked fashion (though this fast blog may give you an idea that I surely am panicking today) and started planning a party.

Burns Night is January 25th and a good excuse to drink whiskey.  Which is what Missmc drank when she chopped a bit of her finger off the other day with the new christmas kitchen cutting gadget.  This morning Missmarketcrash sent the Scotsman out to spend the rest of our meager holdings on whiskey and chocolate for the upcoming fete.  And she told him not to worry about money, just to spend freely, because it won't be there tomorrow.

And now, I must go and address the unavoidable and see if I can rescue more funds before they are held hostage.

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