Saturday, 17 January 2009

Last week made me thirsty...

After a week of wobbly banks and dreadful data Missmarketcrash had an evening out last night with the Number Ones.  Missnumberone works for a management consulting firm and specializes in debt.  She is a exuberantly beautiful sharp-witted gal.  Mrnumberone works at the same spot and is in the most-fun-friends-to-drink-with Hall of Fame.  So, you can imagine how missmc felt this morning when she undertook the promised exploding make-a-model-volcano project with the children and two of their perky best pals.  All I can say is it worked and the children were delighted.  My kitchen now smells like a gigantic vinegar fart.

But my head.  All the youthful drinking of last night brings Missmc back to the past when she actually was young.  After university, a young Missmc found herself living in New York City.  On credit.  Missmc's roommate and best pal was a complete lush.  We spent most of our time in the Yale club signing our name to this dinner and that drink as we had no money.  We ran up quite a tab.  Eventually we dug ourselves out, and paid it.  

And then, I moved on.  The next second-home bar was in Tribeca.  Artists, neer-do-wells, investment bankers, illegal aliens, and company heads all shared wit on a regular basis. Volumes could be written about it, and, a dear writer friend of mine is doing just that so I will leave that to her and fill you in when the book comes out.  But, a few evenings ago, a long-lost pal from said bar (who is a distressed debt investment banker - is there no escape to this topic???), sent me news that the beloved Liquor Store has become a J. Crew.  Good that they left the bar and taps in place - no doubt more profit could be made in these times with that...

Drinking friends are never a dime a dozen for Missmarketcrash.  They are dear and rare things and need to be able to leap about nimbly through the worlds topics with a sense of humor.  And, in these times, I am sure glad to have a few right next door.

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