Monday, 12 January 2009

Val, sunglasses on, kept looking...

"Multi-paradigm viewpoints are blossoming" thought Val as she sat in the car, looking out the window.  He turned toward her but kept his eyes on the road.  He wouldn't understand anyway. There was a certain way of looking at things that seemed safe to him.  Reliable.  Right.

A light blinked ahead.  It made Val squint.  It ran in streams down the window in droplets.  A big blinking blur.  She drifted.  He drove.  Two hands, ten and two into the darkness.

Coffee.  Val really wanted a coffee.  She slowly tried moving her lips to ask him to stop, but she could not.  A small tremor is all she could muster.  With no sound.  

She wondered if he wondered what she was thinking.  They were driving through a place they had not been before.  It was hard to see through the rain and darkness, but, Val, sunglasses on, kept looking.

Then, dear readers, Missmarketcrash woke up.  She checked the news, forgot her dream, and instantly developed a big big crush on a man named Gilo Cardozo.  For a little of that magic we used to feel about cars, you must look at this story here...

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