Monday, 5 January 2009

A Week With the Children, Day One

Missmarketcrash is looking forward to tomorrow, when child number 1 begins the new term at the State school.  Child number 2 has another week of holiday before he is back to his Private school.  We pay a fortune for those extra holidays.  As the au pair is no longer here, Missmarketcrash is taking a week off to look after him which adds a bit more into the equation.  

Today we are painting a giant mural together for child number 1's bedroom.  We are also going to cut up and make a nice picture out of all our old christmas cards.  We've got a chicken to roast and bread to bake.  And there are a few dots of snow outside we might get our hands on before it melts.

Then there are 4 more days with the small one to fill up....which means, dear reader, my head will be away from falling markets and failing businesses and empty banks and imploding hedge funds and whatever else might happen.

I should be a mother more often.

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