Thursday, 1 January 2009

In the Blue Painted Blue...

The last course of a gigantic wheel of stilton rolled off the table and the television and radio went on at a few minutes before midnight. Fireworks, Volare, Gaza on the radio, a clink of glasses and it was 2009.  Oh - and a fat Elton John.  There was a flashback to New Year's past -- always in New York City in a friend's restaurant that year after year after year featured the song Volare just past midnight.  The restaurant was named The West Bank which twisted Missmarketcrash's head in a neat little circle as Missmarketcrash was at that very moment standing in the house of a journalist who was away on assignment in Israel.  Who started to speak to us in his living room via the radio just past midnight. Missmarketcrash's head drifted inside itself to her own internal ipod to escape the radio presenting the world's reality.  For her private entertainment inside her head the Volare lyrics grew louder and louder...Nel blu di pinto di blu (in the blue painted blue)...and at that very moment, all was most fantastically well in the world.

Try it - here is Volare with Dalida.  Or, if you are really really hungover, avoid Dalida and try the most optimistic girls in the world, Vanilla Mood....Guaranteed Happiness.

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