Sunday, 8 March 2009

Blog in Mourning

Missmarketcrash comes from one of those seriously uptight New England families, so, it is with much surprise she is sitting in Glasgow in the midst of what seems to be a really good radio play. It is still a week of mourning, and, Missmc is walking about, cooking and cleaning whilst around her there is the most extraordinary conversation about "our father". Indeed, he is much deserving of this attention.

Outside of all that, there is, of course the end of an era being conducted with regard to economics. Missmarketcrash shall try to transport you from that via a character description of the mourning family as there is really not much else to be offered in mourning seclusion. Avert your eyes or, put on your detached hood. I shall try and give you a parallel if you promise to excuse me. Everyone needs an escape. Call it a one-act play. First, we have the widow. She is a romantic who has chosen to keep the corpse of her beloved departed husband in the house for a week. She is modeling outfits and trying to find the line between sexy and dignified for "the day". In between clothing changes, she goes to kiss the corpse. Next, we have the Son. He is poetic and stoic and offers kindhearted narration to the play. The Daughter is a shadow of the widow. The Small One is limp and languid and cries for the duration. The Son-in-law is gruff, poetic and kind-hearted. And I, the daughter-in-law? The detached pleaser. No I shall not cry but would you like some cake?

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