Friday, 20 March 2009

Google Street View

Missmarketcrash has frittered a good part of the morning away looking at the just-launched London version of  Google Street View.  Here is Missmarketcrash's local high street and the line outside the local butcher shop.  A bit dull compared to the image of the puking man and his friend with reindeer antlers that has been making the rounds.  Most of Dulwich has been re-classified as Camberwell by Google street view.  I can hear the locals fainting.  Maybe it is just a reflection of where property prices are headed. 

I ought to be chatting about AIG, bonuses and retroactive taxes, but, it is a philosophical tangle on many levels.  I will say that anger is a weird thing.  If we are collectively in some kind of emotional process in digesting the current economic crisis, anger is one of those things to move forward and beyond.  Missmc has a bit of a plexiglass screen up on the emotional side and is trying to address things purely on an intellectual level.  With that, the examination of human reaction in the media is a topic I am willing to tackle.  After watching Obama on Jay Leno last night, I can say that what works well on the emotional side for people is good comedic timing.

With that, here is the puking man and his reindeer friend.

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