Monday, 23 March 2009

Easter Holidays and the G20 Protests

The children will not be skiing this year for the upcoming Easter Holidays. We will be in London, dear lovely springtime London, playing hide and seek through verdant wood. But we will be housebound for the first week as it looks like April chaos. Three days of anti-everything G-20 demonstrations are planned. Make that four, counting this Saturday. They sound rather large and disruptive. See the article here in the Guardian.  I do think the Guardian is publishing anything they can conjure up with regard to the topic, but, still, there will be much going on.

Missmarketcrash is a coward when it comes to protests.  During the "feminist revolution" Missmc's hippie mum took her to a women's lib demonstration.  I was a keen supporter along with Mum in the beginning of the day.  By the end of the day, I was completely disillusioned.  Too many things were rolled up together, side by side along with Women's Liberation.  Did I have to embrace all these things together?  Of course not.  But the banquet of causes soured the essence of the concept for me.

This coming week looks similar in that it will host a wide range of causes.  What group wouldn't join in to stand under the broad umbrella of outrage currently in the air?

Ugh.  A week having to stay local with the children sounds like a selfish complaint, but, really, I was so keen on showing them the wonders of their own city and making the most of not getting away for the holidays.  I was on a mission to make staying local fun.  Now, with the planned protests cancelling a large part of that idea,  I am feeling rebellious.   I now want to be most extravagant and un-green and hop on a plane....

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