Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Sturm und Drang

Sturm und Drang.  After playing Haydn's Symphony no 47 in G (not ING) backward, forward and in various orders last evening, I found the insight necessary to digest yesterday's rather large stock market rise.  And it was a simple revelation.  The complexity and opaqueness of the current crisis is so far removed from the understanding of the majority of the world from an intellectual perspective. So it is off to the world of Sturm und Drang for a proper analysis.  Despite the unabashed emotional nature of Haydn's symphony, there is a peculiar complexity at work within the piece.  Within it, the music repeats itself, and then, like a palindrome, does the same thing backward twice.  This bit is sandwiched between the emotionally evocative lively marching in the beginning and some sort of crazed gypsy ending.  

Missmarketcrash is most usually cool and analytical, but, the past few weeks have seen her seep toward a state of Sturm und Drang.  Emotions seem to rule the global state of affairs these days, and, Missmc has tuned into this.  And Haydn's symphony brings it all to clarity.  Marching, marching, marching has been done.  The palindrome is a bit messier as the structure of forward forward, backward backward is still underway in the crisis and it just might shift to forward backward, backward forward before it is all played out.  But, there is that mad gypsy music at the end, a kind of free anarchy that makes one dance too fast to come afterward.  And that will be the interesting part.

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