Monday, 2 March 2009

St. David's Day

Missmarketcrash ignored her good name this morning whilst the markets were crashing about and went off to a tennis lesson.  Highly recommended.  Instead of the static buzz of gloom and doom, the boyish D. worked on Missmc's serve and entertained her with conversation.  About what?  St. David's Day of course.  St. David's Day was yesterday and, at the tennis club, Dylan Thomas was read over lamb, leeks and cabbage.  And something called syllabub.

From what I can gather, it is a Welsh thing about independence, cheerfulness, and remembering to do the important little things in life. The syllabub part of it sounds optional, as should anything be that involves cream and madeira.  And Dylan Thomas?  He is probably remembered more for his drinking than for his poetry.  Less known about Dylan Thomas is that he produced propaganda films for the Ministry of Information.  

Propaganda films.  There is a tangent I shall save for another post as it is a jolly topic.  Missmarketcrash wasted a bit of the morning looking for a clip of "Our Country" by Dylan Thomas for you this morning and was told she had to be a university to access such a thing.  Pity.  I could use a bit of feel-good cheerleading about things this morning.

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