Saturday, 7 March 2009

A Love Blog

Missmarketcrash was woken up by birds this morning from-the-place-she-cannot-post-from. In truth, Missmarketcrash is at a family funeral so economics is a far-off subject and will remain so for the duration of the week. Love is today's topic as the romance of the century has been reduced to one remaining partner. With that, here is a romantic poem...I do promise humor will return shortly --

To Know

To know that arc of joy that
chased you through the day flowers
dappled sunshine
narcissus light who leapt inside you
to glimpse himself. Ardour stood, and
then a cartwheel with steady gaze.

You said, stay. together
long shadows will bring morningsong
and as one, we shall see our memories
greet the idle chatter, and, lo,
the melody will be revealed, clear, nectar
repeated on and on.

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