Sunday, 29 March 2009

English Frogs

It is the Easter Holidays and with the children home, the blog might be on the light side for the next three weeks.  Pity - it looks like a doozy of a week.  This morning, CEO Rick Wagoner was ousted from GM.  The markets are spinning downward and the G20 meetings are about to begin.  And I am off to look at newly hatched frogs.  Watching the new beginnings of a metamorphic creature will no doubt be inspirational this week as things teeter and totter.

The common english frog is a cannibal.  Tadpoles will eat the other tadpoles who sprout legs before they do.  Which seems antithetical to evolution as it insures late developers will race ahead of the earlier developers.  This process no doubt has mirrors in the corporate world. 

With it looking more likely that bankruptcy and nationalization are paths for many of the large tottering companies, this metamorphic process will create new creatures.  New corporate forms have already evolved - these are now known under the media-affectionate label "Zombie".  Will these new forms then sit around and cannibalize eachother?  Not likely, but, they will no doubt affect the well-being of other more able companies that remain in original form.

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