Monday, 16 March 2009


Amongst the twitters of birds and blossoms of spring this morning, the financial markets continue their rise upward and onward. What propels such a thing? Faith, the covering of short sales and more faith. It might prove infectious for a short while as those who read markets by consulting models of old stick to theories designed in the past seek the almighty bottom. But it is just not the same anymore and these tricks of the trade are past their sell-by date. Of course, if there are enough believers out there, my skepticism is unwarranted.


The markets are a parallel universe. In literature, the parallel universe device is a much loved favorite. This device was employed long before the many worlds-interpretation of quantum mechanics, but, has flourished since. Religion, myth, literature or theoretical physics often can explain things via parallel universes and differences in time found between places where things happen.

It is akin to a schizophrenic having several personalities who each find their own religion at different phases of their "lives" which guide them through various events that may or may not be real.

Imagine that.

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