Monday, 2 February 2009

Blog cancelled today on account of Snow...

Snow, snow and more snow!   The private school sent us a text advising us school was cancelled, but, the state school was a mystery as to what the situation was.  So, we donned our wellies and hopped on the triple tandem bike and slid our way down the hill.  A nice big sign out front announced school was cancelled.   Being a former Connecticut gal, Missmc could not understand why closures were not announced via radio or something...but it was truly lovely to enjoy the fresh London snow.

After spending a day in the park building two snowmen and cycling slippy-slidey back up the hill Missmc has had little time to think about writing today.  In fact, exhaustion has set in and a hot whiskey is probably in order.  Especially after looking at the world markets.  They are behaving worse than my children.

I promise something more exciting tomorrow, unless school is cancelled again....nine inches of snow thus far and still falling steadily...

*late note: I've just found out school is cancelled for tomorrow, so, it will likely be a lame blog again as I'll be sledging with the boys -- apologies.

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