Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Never listen to Alan Greenspan while puking

Missmarketcrash must have been cursed.  In the midst of yesterday's marketcrash, Missmarketcrash had a day of food poisoning.  The markets and I were in unison, moaning and groaning, spewing, sweating and utterly frozen for the whole day and into the evening. 

The last meal where I ate anything different from anyone else was at a 50's style restaurant, color scheme orange and pies in the entryway to greet you.  After that, the cousins descended and we had a jolly day.  Cousin number one said "Drinking is one of our family hobbies". 

At that point, the lush inside missmarketcrash had left the room.  The wine seemed positively disgusting and was traded for water. We played an interesting game called Quiddler which gives Scrabble a run for excitement.  And I wondered why Quiddler, the oh so exciting Quiddler, was making my head throb.  It was clearly the onset of food poisoning time.  

I woke up yesterday morning and that was the beginning of the end.  Words of wisdom: never listen to Alan Greenspan while puking.

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