Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Nothing but a decapitated snowman...

Nothing.  Missmarketcrash is floating about today with an empty brain.  Complete silence has descended and the chirps of the outside world, the real universe, are taking precedence.  And what am I hearing?  The sounds of my neighbor installing a security alarm.  The sounds of a grocery delivery truck crunching through the still-uncleared snow in the street outside.  And the cleaner is singing.

So - sounds of fear.  Sounds of struggling commerce.  And the sound of employee joy.  

And what do I see?  Out the window there is a decapitated snowman in the street out in front of my house.  He is taking up a parking space and he is not melting.  He is disfunctional as far as snowmen go, and, a bit sad looking.  Snowmen are supposed to melt gracefully, head on.  Insert your world economy metaphor here.

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