Friday, 13 February 2009

Instead, I was stuck with the spiders

"It wasn't me, it was my brain that did it" said the four year old.  Ok then.  Not you, but, your brain started shouting at 530am to wake up the entire house.  With things going the way they are in the world, I'm surprised my brain did not clasp hands with yours and shriek in unison.

My brain was quietly dreaming. I  watched thousands of spiders crawl through black text, scurrying this way and that, in jerky motion.  Acting lost, reacting in panicky little bursts which carried them to and fro, meeting each other and repelling.  The surface was a steep vertical, almost two-dimensional.  It was obviously the bank investigation thing.  

If I had only filled my brain with something different and delicious before sleep.  Instead, I was stuck with the spiders.

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