Friday, 6 February 2009

Intelligent Civilizations...

"Intelligent life forms are out there and there could be thousands of them" said the BBC yesterday.  Well then.  Where are they?  Do you think they know how to fix a broken economy?  

Rockets ahoy - we are talking about alien life forms again.  According to research published in the International Journal of Astrobiology paraphrased by the BBC, "there are at least 361 intelligent civilizations in our Galaxy" and the possibility of many many more.

Intelligent Civilizations?  Did the scientists say that, or, the BBC?  Because if they really truly mean civilizations in the finest sense of the world, I'd like to migrate.  Missmarketcrash is a fan of intelligent civilization as a concept and thinks it ought not to be a utopian one.  Here on earth we are challenging the term "Intelligent Civilization" with our world economic crisis.  Perhaps just "civilization" would suffice as a description at the moment.

The word "civilization" carries a kind of intelligence within itself.  The old school latin meaning of the word implies a delineated area where people dwell governed by laws.  As in a town.  To be "civilized" may carry a cultural connotation of proper manners and/or love of the arts.

So, then, what about the phrase "Intelligent Civilization"?  Perhaps this is a science term employed by alienologists and I am missing the point completely here.  Indeed, it seems to be. A quick google reveals it to be nothing more than a classic case of transference - not unlike humanizing animals in childrens storybooks. 

Pity.  I could use a new place to live.

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