Sunday, 1 February 2009

Missmarketcrash has another dream...featuring Val...

Val felt like she had just woken up though she was sure she had been awake.  Yes.  They were there.  100's of small pebbles had been hurtling themselves toward her, then, they turned and retreated and dashed toward the horizon en masse and disappeared.  Last ones sucking in a strung-together curve as if something was pulling them all off the edge of the earth.  Adjusting her dark glasses, she glanced out the window at her reflection in the side mirror.  Still here she thought.  The car was stopped somewhere and he was gone.  She sat in the passenger seat and wondered how long it had been since he had left.  It never occurred to her to wonder where he was or whether he was coming back.

To know what to believe was the phrase that kept running through Val's head.  Her upper lip started to tremble again.  She tilted her head sideways against the cool glass to stop the thought and the trembling.  The angle was familiar to her and she thought again about sleep.  Time had changed and was going really fast and then really slow.  Then fast again.  And everyone's clock was different.  Under her cool breath against the window the fog formed before she drifted off.

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