Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Sharing Vices

What we need to create is an addiction to banking stocks.  Right now.  Let's pair up Bank of America and Citigroup with Philip Morris and sell those stocks.  To the people. 

Inside every pack of Marlboro Lights could be a share of one of the banks.  Or two, in the case of Citigroup.  Take the tax off the cigarettes and use it to pay for the share.  

You could also pair up with brewers and bottlers like Jack Daniels.  All those toxic assets would be owned once again, by fans of vice.

And to be safe, let's say the shares are not sellable for a laddered number of years so they don't all fly back in the market at the same time...
Yes it is a flawed and twisted idea.

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Leigh Caldwell said...

The cigarette manufacturers have suffered enough in recent years. Those big warning signs and advertising bans are surely enough disincentive for buyers, without forcing toxic bank shares on them too?