Monday, 9 February 2009

Whole, like a snake...

Missmarketcrash had another technicolor dream last night.  She was at the beach and there was snow on the sand dunes.  Cobbled together shacks clustered on the edge of a cliff and many of Missmc's friends were there as well as an assortment of strangers.  We were all bitterly cold.  A large group decided to sit on the seaside in front of the cafe where the sun was and folding chairs were carried along a narrow bumpy cliffside path.  Missmc unfolded her chair and looked down.  It was a long drop down and a terrifying place to sit.  Panic.  Not a good spot.  Everyone carried the chairs back around to the bayside and a seating map was drawn up. Meanwhile, Mrmc was inside the cafe working.  A good friend came in, dressed in a most comical crustacean costume with a wry look on her face.  She ordered a cup of coffee to go.  Missmc asked if she could join her, and crustacean-friend said no, as she thought Missmc had asked her out of pity rather than interest. Just then, out the windowless windowframe there was a commotion.  A beige pig was eating a muddy-colored pig whole, like a snake.  The pig with the pig inside stumbled into the cafe, its mouth open to partially reveal the snout of the muddy pig.  The muddy pig mouth started screaming "Get me out of here, get me out of here".  Everyone stared.  No one had any idea how to remove the muddy pig without slaying the beige pig.  And no one wanted to touch either. Everyone just wanted the pig-pig to go away but dreaded the suffering they would endure as two pigs in one. The muddy pig would be able to eat and grow and the insides of the beige pig would be not only squashed, but, malnourished.  It was so gruesome and there were no solutions at hand. 

Missmarketcrash woke up.  Who needs fiction with dreams like this?  This morning's news mumbled that the U.S. treasury has delayed its much anticipated bank bailout plan announcement until Tuesday.  Market futures are plummeting in response.  I do hope my dreams can find the comedic side of it all this week - another night of pig-pig fills me with dread.  The comedic well-armored crustacean had better have a coffee with me tonight.

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