Thursday, 12 February 2009


"Russian and US Satellites Collide" announced the BBC this morning.  A first for history, there is a cloud of space debris is being tracked by scientists at this very moment.  Gosh.  Missmarketcrash has enough to worry about without visions of things falling from the sky.  It is hoped that much of it will burn up in the Earth's atmosphere.  The BBC mentioned it will take a number of weeks to be clear about the implications of it all.  Fingers crossed then.

Sir Isaac Newton would be just the man for this moment in history.  Especially as he knew not only about such topical things as gravity and orbital dynamics, he also held a stint as "Master of the Mint", a position loosely equivalent to Alastair Darling's present day post.  Newton moved sterling onto the gold standard and spent a good amount of time hunting down and hanging counterfeiters.

So, what would dear old nutty Newton make of it all?  Well, he would probably go deconstruct the Bible as that was another one of his inclinations.  Preferably only in regard to the satellites. In addressing the ills of the world economy he most likely would have some brilliant insights.  

I'm afraid I've leaped back to the margins again.  But as far as I can see, this team of experts on the case seems to be from a narrow slice of academia.  A couple of brainstorming Newton-types would at least provide some entertainment to the topic.  And, who knows...we might just get iRescue conjured up by a mix of scientists, IT fellows, and product designers might just do the trick.

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