Thursday, 5 February 2009

David Attenborough channelling Willem Buiter

One of the pleasures of living in London is listening to Sir David Attenborough.  It is his voice, a gentle fog, comfortable as a good friendship.  The steady wisdom of an ideal father has resonance with everyone, and, he has the knack.

Why then, is Missmarketcrash obsessing over David Attenborough this morning?  Well, imagine if the Financial Times had a television feature about the current state of world would be most wonderous to have David Attenborough channelling Willem Buiter to discuss the state we are in, and, where we might be going.  No matter what he said,  he would place a warm cup of tea in our hands and goodness would descend.  His naturalist perspective would be a fitting sidekick for discussing economics.  

Attenborough's upcoming broadcast beginning 11th of February is entitled "Nature's Great Events".  There are six episodes:
1. The Great Melt
2. The Great Salmon Run
3. The Great Migration
4. The Great Tide
5.  The Great Flood
6. The Great Feast

There is, or could be, a clear parallel here to the goings on in the economic world...a nimble leap of topic is all it would take...

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Leigh Caldwell said...

1. The Great War
2. The Great Depression
3. The Great Recovery
4. The Great Inflation
5. The Great Moderation
6. The Great Uncertainty

Perhaps by the broadcast date of episode 6 the makers will feel confident enough to put a different title on it. Probably they won't even need to re-edit the content. It seems that current events are amenable to almost any interpretation you want to put on them.