Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Globalization according to Crustaceans

A jolly little book entitled "Economics 2.0" landed on Missmarketcrash's desk today.  With a rather academic looking white cover in a serious font and grassy green banding, the subtitle had a practical air and a promise:

what the best
in economics can
you about business and

The co-authors, Norbert Haring and Olaf Storbeck traipse through various topics backed by economic research in an engaging and witty fashion.  The sub-headings are one good reason to get your hands on a copy.  "Globalization according to Crustaceans" is a personal favorite.   My imagination drifted off to a beach, with a few cartoon crustaceans discussing globalization in depth and what it means for my life.  I was rather hoping the crustaceans themselves would have some witty guidance to offer.  But, maybe I am expecting too much.  Or, too little. Yes.  This is a studious book with a humanist lean.  The studies cited throughout the book are well-researched, dry, and academic; this clarity is infused with an easy and entertaining relevance. In other words, it goes down like a good martini.  

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