Friday, 20 February 2009

Blog on Holiday: Property Sales

Missmarketcrash dreads today.  And next week.  A large chunk of the market is crumbling.  And it is bank-failure-Friday.  Now that the dread has tripped off my fingertips, I shall try to go back to living in the moment.  The instant moment.  Not a second before or after.  

Back on holiday:
The Florida paper in front of me has some for sale ads in the back.  The old fashioned classified kind.  You can size up a local demographic pretty quickly with a read of these.  In this particular paper, there are a lot of upper middle-class things up for sale.  But, Florida is also filled with retirees, and, with that, brings a column entitled "cemetery lots/crypts".  

And.  Death has been deeply discounted.  Placed on fire sale.  Plots are between 40-50% off.  "Urgent", "must sell asap" and, my personal favorite, "will sacrifice".  Most are ads by individuals featuring one plot, or, two, side by side.  Some with views.

These people have embraced living in the moment and are tossing their beloved plots aside.  I imagine though, that the type of person who would pre-buy a burial plot would have a hard time parting with it.  Especially at 50% off.

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tim h said...

Were any of the plots listed as "lightly used"?